Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A bit of this

I was going to post a long ranty post here, about people who make out their kids are much sicker than they really are in order to get some attention, particuarly those who have children who are 'fixed', whose child is the healthiest you have ever seen, yet insinuate that they are life limited. As I said I WAS going to post a ranty post but I am not ( and what I have written thus far is not ranting, well not by my standards hehe) because it would do no good. The sick mooses that say crap like that about their kids are so fecked in the head that they wouldn't get it anyway!!One day they will get a wake up call ... maybe. In the mean time I am going to talk about ....

Actually I have lots of stuff to waffle on about so will be back later when the kids are abed to do some proper waffling, subjects could include Crufts, animal rights activists, the weather (well I am english :D), families, charity shops, books ...

Any other subjects you care to discuss??

Cya l8r lya xx