Friday, September 15, 2006

Proof the Welsh are batty about animals !!

Phone call from mum, its my stepdads birthday today so she took him out for dinner . Mum had steak, but couldn't quite finish it, so asked the waitress if she would mind wrapping it in a bit of foil so she could take it home for the dogs. The waitress smiled, said no problem and dissappeared, she returned 5 minutes later looking a little embarrased, ' Chef misunderstood me and hes given your steak to the dog that lives out the back' Mum chuckled and assured her it was no problem ' Its ok ' says the waitress ' Chef's put another piece of steak on for you'

Mum and stepdad sit there giggling whilst waiting for the steak, and watch with bated breath as the waitres reappears ' Please, Chef say how does your dog like his steak done ??'

Struggling to keep a straight face mum answered ' medium rare please' and off scurries the waitress !! To return in a short while with a large steak beautifully cooked, all wrapped neatly in foil for them to take home for the dogs !!

And they reckon the English are barmy about animals !!