Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reading , moderating .. why do I do these things !!

So I go and join a reading group, theory being that rather than just picking up a pile of books at random, I would read in an organised and methodical manner and maybe find a new author whose work I enjoy . All well and good, except the first book needs to be finished by sunday in order to discuss it, and I only bought it today !! And I need to start a new book on Monday ! Now anyone who knows me , will know that asking me to read a book in three days is a laugh, three hours will probably see it finished, but I wanted to take my time and read it through a few times. Doubt I will acheive it but hey will try !!

Now having resigned as a moderator on one site , I have only gone and volunteered to take up moderating another one instead !! Oh why oh why ?? I have spent my whole afternoon, dashing between pC to approve new members/messages , phone to organise a day out on monday ;), and the kitchen to try and wash up the huuuge pile of stuff that has suddenly appeared from nowhere !!

Ahh well off on a nice train ride on Monday so will have chance to read the second book... if I remember to go and buy it tommorow !!!