Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin - my hero

Shocked and saddened - my hero of the animal kingdom is dead. I still cannot comprehend it to be honest, I thought Gary was taking the piss when he bellowed down the garden this morning ' Steve Irwin's dead , he got stung by a stingray ' But a quick look at the television told me he wasn't joking at all .

Steve Irwin has , in my opinion , done more for the world of conservation than any other naturalist in history, he changed the image of conservationists being either old bearded blokes or geeks or hippy's to being exciting, dangerous and fun . He taught us all young and old the truth about the world of nature, exploding many myths that surround some of the world's most dangerous and endangered species particuarly the reptillian world. He was , I believe, the first TV 'wildlife personality ' to venture on to the Island of Komodo and film the magnificent Komodo Dragon , he even managed to escape death when one particuarly angry dragon pursued him up a tree, the dragon lunging for Steve's legs and incredibly catching just the heel of his boot . A very close shave there. That show sparked in me a great love and fascination with the Komodo's and its been a long held desire of mine to visit Komodo and see them in the natural habitat .

His work at Australia Zoo will live on as a tribute to his love and determination to bring the world of reptiles to the general public

Something that has saddened, sickened and angered me throughout the day has been the deluge of people posting 'memorabilia ' and 'tribute' items on eBay. FFS 'tribute to Steve Irwin Fridge magnets ' ??? Hours after the poor mans death, and people are trying to make a fast buck out of it. If you are one of those people and you are reading this, well I hope you enjoy your profit , to my mind you are very sick, callous, greedy persons .

I hope that Steve's memory lives on, not in fridge magnets, but in his zoo, in the desire of many ordinary people to make a difference to the world of nature, and in the fantastic education he's given to millions. Steve , mate, you are my hero. Hope theres crocs and reptiles wherever you are now . Thinking of Terri, Bindi and Bob, all your family and friends . Goodbye mate xxx