Sunday, October 01, 2006

Speccy four eyes

Yep thats me , old speccy four eyes !! I have been wearing glasses since my teens, had contacts for a while but not at the moment, as I have yet to get off my fat bum and go make another appointment to get my eyes checked. Its almost three years since I last had them checked so way way past time !! And my poor specs are about as knackered as they can get. I lost them two days ago, which was a pain in the bum as without them I can not see very far. Found them this morning, under the pile of crap that seems to accumulate around my pc desk ! Busted .. yep both lenses had fallen out, much scrabbling around located said lenses and after much cursing and muttering I managed to get the buggers back in place. which is just as well as I have a train journey tommorow, making several changes and was not looking forward to trying to locate the right platform without them !!

Note to self, get off fat bum and book a new appointment at opticians before free prescriptions for having a baby runs out !!


Anonymous said...

I should get my eyes checked again. But can't be arsed.