Friday, November 24, 2006

Gale warning

So we in the good ole west country are under a 'severe weather warning ' Whoopee-bluddee-doo-dee.

And so the work begins !!

Task One : Persuade Gary that riding his very nice, very shiny , and very new motorbike to work is NOT a good idea !! There will be winds of up to 75 miles an hour... not a good time to be riding a motorbike dear !

Task Two : Take my greenhouse down and stash it in the shed.

Task Three : Collect all Skye's outdoor toys and bring them indoors, minus of course her playhouse and sand pit which can just take their ruddy chance !

Task Four: Retrieve indoor rabbit hutch from shed... this task should of course have been accomplished BEFORE storing the greenhouse away, as now have to remove the greenhouse, then the hutch, then re-stash the greenhouse

Task Five : Take hutch into house and find somewhere to put it ... in the oven perhaps ?????

Task six : Catch rabbit from outdoor hutch and wrestle the darn thing into the house.

Task Seven: Swear loudly and with alot of kicking of inanimate objects as the realisation dawns that the bedding for aforemebtioned rabbit is in the fecking shed.

Task Eight :Place rabbit in handy cardboard box ( ok not so handy maybe but it soo was after screeching like a fishwife up the stairs to the playstation blobs )

Task Nine: remove greenhouse from shed, scramble about in the dark, rain pouring down the back of neck and retreive the rabbit bedding.. except the donut that last cleaned the rabbit out forgot to mention to the person who does all the shopping that there is no sawdust left grrrrrr
, Replace greenhouse AGAIN

Task Ten : return to house, bed out the indoor hutch, now very hygenically perched on top of the cooker , retrieve bunny from box where he is making concerted efforts to escape by tunneling his way out and place in the hutch

Task eleven: Drip all the way upstairs, into bathroom, strip off, get in bath and turn on hot taps..... discover gas has run out and therefore so has the hot water

Task twelve : Administer one large glass of Jack daniels, with just the merest whiff of coke, wrap up in several fleece blankets, and retire to the sofa bed for the duration

And if the fecking storm doesn't hit now, then god help the BBC weather team !!!


Anonymous said...

Task Thirteen will be realising you've looked at the wrong weather warning, and today will bloom with brilliant sunshine and a slight breeze! hehe