Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Recently there has been an expolosion of Internet Trolls appearing on several sites I frequent , think every site gets them sometime or another. Some of them are downright evil. One in particular, was the evilest being on earth. I won't repeat here what it was she falsely claimed, it was evil beyond all belief and I will never ever forgive her for what she did . But why do they do it ? Why go onto a website, and lie, taunt, aggravate and generally cause a total kerfuffle, often leaving people feeling extremely hurt, friends at each others throats.... why ? Whats the point ? Does it make them feel big ? Strong ? Smart?

There is one on a site I use at the moment, every time she posts she does it in such a way as to inflame people, shes a fecking shit stirrer, I know she is, so why oh why do I just not walk away and ignore the silly bitch ??

A guide to trolls can be found here


Anonymous said...

You should always remember the mantra of the web user:

Do Not Feed The Trolls.

If everyone ignores them, they won't post, and they go away.

Incidentally, the pic you've used for this post - they are trolls from World of Warcraft, jungle trolls, more specifically ;)

Em's way said...

pmsl !! Yep I know they are from WoW ! Stef told me lol. I must not feed the trolls, but god its tempting !!