Sunday, December 17, 2006

Freecycle it !!!

Do you belong to Freecycle ? If not why not ? Its brilliant !! Ok for those of you who have not yet heard of/joined freecycle, its an online community, set up in the States , which has now spread worldwide . The idea behind it is to keep useable items out of landfill. For instance if you buy a new three piece suite, you have the problem of what to do with the old one, you could donate it to a local charity but not all of them will accept furniture and if yours is an older suite it might not have the right safety certificates, your only other choice is landfill . Well not anymore !! Freecycle it !!

Freecycle has a number of local sites in the UK as well as the US and other countries. You join your local group, you place a message on the list offering whatever it is you want rid of, then you sit back and wait for the replies ! If there is something you need then place a message asking for whatever it is, or browse the lists to see if anything you need/want is being offered. It really is that simple. The only rule being everything offered must be free to collector

Its a great way of clearing clutter, outgrown toys and kids clothes, you name it , it could find a home through freecycle !

Can you tell I am a moderator for my local group !!!


Dan said...

I'm in two minds about sharing this with Jo - she'll either jump for joy and get rid of all our stuff, or jump for joy and add MORE crap to the house!

Em's way said...

Yep, thats the joy of freecycle !! Don't worry Dan will email her later and suggest she takes a look :D

Dan said...

Think I might need to filter her emails for a while...

Em's way said...

hehe I will write to her via snail mail then, with an envelope marked 'mooncup!!'

Dan said...

Stupid Freecycle, stupid Jo, stupid Jo's mum AND dad. Every bugger is "ooooh cool" despite my best efforts.


The Special Zipper said...

Hi Em
Come across from Dan's blog.
FreeCylcle is very cool .. we got rid of some stuff prior to moving house in Adelaide, Australia. It is that large now that there are multiple lists for several areas just out of town.
Haven't gained anything but there is some amazing stuff that people recycle.