Sunday, January 21, 2007

Flying Tampons !!

Well we have as I am sure you know, had some very strong winds this past week . Our bathroom window was left slightly open, amd the wind ripped it all the way open. Some items that were on the windowsill went flying out, toothmugs, toothbrushes, Gary's razors, and we believe that they are now behind my neighbours shed !! Not too bad, asked the neighbour, and we are not going to be able to get behind the shed, until they pull it down later this year .. whoops. Not too bad though , or so i thought until I realised that my brand new bumper pack of tampons has also dissapeared ! OMG !!!!! Am I going to go round and warn the neighbour that when they pull the shed down they are likely to find a bumper box of tampax ? Do I just hope that they have been blown somewhere else ? Or do I mount a daring midnight raid and try to climb over the fence, over the shed and rescue them ? Bearing in mind they have now been there at least five days ..... answers on a postcard please !!