Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My 2007 resolutions

I am not making 'New Year' resolutions, well not in the traditional sense anyway ! I have tried in the past to do several life changing actions all at once and sadly failed, I believe because I tried to do too much at once. So this year my aims are the same, namely to stop smoking, lose weight and get fitter than I am now !!

So I picked Jan 1st midnight to quit smoking. I will start a healthy eating plan on March 1st and a Get fit regime on Jun 1st. Sept 1st will be the day I start making a medeival style dress !!

Aim number One . Stopping smoking. Well I am now 38 hours in and am doing well. Yesterday was hell, especially the early evening, but I got through it and i am really really proud of myself.

Why did I start smoking in the first place ? Because I was dumb, because I wanted to be like the rest of the kids, because, because , because, hell forget the excuses, theres no good reason to start, and I am not proud of having smoked almost non stop for the last two decades. I hate smoking, its not cool, its not good, it stinks, its fucks your body up and its just yeuccchhhhhhh. The hardest bit is going to be Gary. he still smokes and is still waving cigs under my nose to try and persuade me to smoke. But I am not going to do it. i am stronger than that and I want to be a nonsmoker :)

Watch this space for progress reports !!


Dan said...

Invest in lots and lots of gum, and get something to fiddle with.

Mind out the gutter, preferably ;)