Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fang the escapologist

The night before last, I heard rather alot of giggling, screeching and shouting coming from the childrens room, children in this instance being Skye and Garin. Went to investigate to discover that Skye was on her Tweenie's beanbag chair, feet up on a box of Duplo whilst Garin was bodysurfing on the side of his cot !! He was laid on his tummy, across the cotside with his feet waving in the air behind him !! Tried various methods to deal with the problem, tried him in Skye's toddler bed as she hads taken up residence in the spare single bed. No that didn't work, little git just threw himself over the bedguard !!

Finally they both fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. Last night I was really mean and kept them up late until they were too darn knackered to create havoc. But I really don't want to do that every night, apart from anything, I value a peaceful evening, watching total crap on TV , chatting to random odd people on msn, reading, knittting , sewing, emroidering, baking a few bits. theres always plenty to do !!

so after a suggestion from my mum I am going to try another method of confining Fang to the cot. tonight I am going to turn it upside down, put the mattress on the floor, and hopefully that will keep little gitness in the right place all night long !!!

Reminds me of one of my favourite websites

If it works I will post the pics either later tonight or some time tommorow !!


Dan said...

hehehe I keep telling Jo we need to do that with Tam, flipping the cot over. Without any help, she merrily up's and outs her cot every night!

Em's way said...

hehe Well if it works on Fang I will let you know :D