Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Skye is a fatty !!!!

Well, maybe not quite a fatty, but absolutley dead on what she should be which is the best news ever !! Took the littlies to the clinic today to get them weighed and Skye has finally regained her place on her birth centile. She weighs a impressive 30lb ( Just over 13 kg ) and for the first time since she was a few weeks old, she is where she should be weight wise.

Now to those of you reading that do not have a child with health issues, this may not seem like huge news, but those of you who have a child with CHD Skye's story will know how hard its been just to get a few ounces on her, and how when she was a year old she did not even register on the centile charts she was so underweight.

A massive, huge, collosal thanks must go at this point to all my friends in the chd world, who have helped and advised on diet, who have supported and comforted when the weights fallen off again, and who have been sharing in the joy today !!

Thanks everyone xxxxxx