Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Garin will regret this on his 18th birthday

Garin, my precious little sweetie, the sweet innocent little man, decided to really surpass himself last week.

He removed his nappy in the night, unfrotunatly before he had his morning excavation !

By the time I got to him, well to say he was covered is the understatement of the century . It was in his ears, under his toenails, in his hair, up his nose, everywhere. Thats not to even think of the state of his cot. well travel cot, seeing as the little sod had broken his wooden cot two days before . It took two baths to get him clean and almost two hours to get the travel cot clean.

Mind you , when I saw what he had done, I scarpered back down to the kitchen to make a strong coffee before I even started to deal with him !! Oh and retreived the camera... now just wait until your 18th birthday Garin... there will be a piccy up.. entitled ' The first Time Garin got S**tfaced !!!!!!'

Hah revenge is a dish best served cold, and its oh so sweet buwahahahahaha