Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pick of the petitions

If you do not already know, the prime minister has a website for the likes of you and I ( well the britsh citizens anyway) to start petitions to ask the Government for various things. Some have been a tad silly, some are very serious. There are various categories,

Business and industry
Economics and finance
Education and skills
Employment, jobs and careers
Government, politics and public administration
Health, well-being and care
Information and communication
International affairs and defence
Leisure and culture
Life in the community
People and organisations
Public order, justice and rights
Science, technology and innovation
Transport and infrastructure

Each week I will endeavour to trawl through the plethora of petitions and pick out a few to link to here.

My categories will be


Most worthwhile ( in my opinion)

Most pointless ( again in my opinion !!)

My picks of this week are !!

Funniest/silliest - I want an elephant !!

Most worthwhile - From Debbie

Most pointless - Politics, whether we like it or not is part of every day life


The Special Zipper said...

I would have a play around the petitions except they don't count us Aussies as eligable .. and neither should we.

Sad that Debbie's sensible petition has low numbers compared to the funny, but time and resource wasting, petition.

Em's way said...

Quite agree, but hoping that a few more will sign up now. Thats Britain for you though, heaven forbid we ever do something about the serious side of life :(