Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chinese whispers

Do you remember playing Chinese whispers as a child ? There's been some interesting stories in the press over the years of huge problems caused by these misunderstandings , perhaps one of the most infamous being the report of an army captain on the frontline sending a message to the reserves ' Send reinforcements we are going to advance' by the time the message reached the reserve forces commander it had become' Lend us three and fourpence we are going to a dance' !!

It seems however that it can happen on the internet too. One person says something, someone else doesn't read it correctly and all kinds of rumours start !!
So if you have been told that I am pregnant, with single, twins or triplets ... I AM NOT !!!!!! Its a simple misunderstanding ,honest guv :) Someone saw an old thread where I announced I was pg with Garin, reading only the first part of the date (19th July) she thought she had missed the announcement and congratulated me, her error was pointed out, by two people including me , then a third person didn't read those replies and also replied........... and from there it snowballed lol

Ahh well it gave everyone a laugh on a dull Friday afternoon !!!!!

But for the record, I can't have anymore babies so its not going to happen !! Honest


Dan said...

I think i might help "speed up" the Preggers-You rumour... Only because it'd be amusing ;)