Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So embarrasing..

Halfway round Asda with Skye in trolley, got another attack of palpitations, I was not even particuarly stressed either :( Get more stressed when I have them both with me, but I was fine today, then I felt faint and dizzy, thought I was going to pass out at one point. Ended up perching my butt on a stool until things calmed down.Staff are so fab in Asda, sat almost next to the customer service desk, and not one of the staff came to see if I was ok, despite the fact that I was breathless as hell !!!!

Recovered after a bit, got through the checkout and back to the tank. Threw the shopping in and we came home, did tell Gary that I felt shit, he just shrugged and said we have to wait for the ECG.

Still feel shit now. Very teary and emotional.

Need the next two weeks to go really fast, but just know they are going to drag. :(


Emma said...

Wayhey I am a chosen invited one! This palpatation thing in heart mums seems to be coming up a lot doesn't it. Really think I should speak to doctor about what I get sometimes too now!
So sorry you're having to deal with all this worry - NOT what you need! Am here if you need a vent!

Em's way said...

It was because Mel mentioned hers and said she was getting it checked that I thought I ought to get mine checked. Almost wish I hadn't now:( Thanks Emma, will be in touch if I need !

Are you coming to the Wilts party on the 28th ?

Mand said...

Awww Em, sending you some ((((huge hugs))))

and a huge kick up the arse for the staff in asda ;o)

Dan said...

Yuck, shit strikes when you least expect it...

And SO SO SO with you on the shitty Asda staff. They are completely shit and don't have a clue when a customer appears "in distress".

And Emma, keep up with the cool people... please...