Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Busy, busy, busy, no time to stop today ....

... or for quite a while to come by the looks of things!
First update on my ECG on Monday. Thanks to all who contacted me, sorry for not updating sooner. Though to be frank theres not a whole lot to update. I had the ECG, the nurse looked at it, and said that she reckoned it looked OK. Hmmm not sure how qualified she is to be reading ECG's but hey ho. However I cannot have this confirmed until the GP gets back off her holidays on Set 12th !! Gahhhhhhh

Skye had her first nursery school session today, and she loved it!! Next Monday is her second session and then from next Thursday onwards its all go and she will be in every morning!!

Busy life - Please do not worry ( particuarly HL peeps) if I am not about much at the moment. I am flat out with other stuff. The freecycle group I moderate for has two mods unable to moderate at the moment. I have been made temporary joint owner as a result. I spent over an hour at lunch tiome sorting out approving messages and members, so its really busy as you can see !

I am alive, wellish, aching and busy !! trying to keep up, though if anyone sees something that they think I need to know please email or text me !!

I am supposed to be away this weekend in Southampton to attend my school reunionbut we will see !!


Mand said...

I think you should try and go to your school re-union Em, it sounds like you could use the break darling

Hehe or alternativly you could come here and see me instead ;o)

Em's way said...

oooh well thats bloody tempting Mand ! maybe later in the year ??

The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

If you are camping down this way this weekend, the weather is supposed to be good - that's one thing!

Hope you enjoy your reunion.

Bev x