Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exercise test ----- the aftermath !

Well didn't I do crap at that !! The test is supoposed to be 21 minutes long, 7 levels, level 1 being a slow walk on the flat, each level increasing every 3 minutes until you reach.. well I don't know what you reach if you gewt to level 7 and 21 moinutes because I only managed a piffling 7mins 53 seconds! How crap is that ? For someone who used to run 5 miles a day and barely break into a sweat, to acheive such a shite result is not good at all. BP was appalingly high, the staff even looked a bit pale when top and bottom numbers matched at 160!!

Ah well, one good thing, I mentioned that I could be late on Monday for my holter monitor, as they had booked me in for 9.30am. Drop Skye to nursery at 9am so giving me half hour to get to other side of town ... be a bit close. Anyway they happened to have a spare Holter so stuck it on me straight after the exercise test!! Got to take it back tommorow afternoon, so should be easier. Now I just have to wait on the MRI.

Don't know if the speed with which these appointments are now arriving is a good thing or a bad thing. Makes me wonder if they saw more on that echo than they are letting on :(