Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh what a night ....

So how did I spend halloween.... I spent it running around the countryside, clambering over stiles, through muddy cowfiellds and over major roads, dressed in cloak and robes, bearing a staff and a sleeping bag.

Last night was the pagan sabbat of Samhain. Its the night/time we honour the dead, when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest and we can give messages to those who have passed. To this end, we set off from the Avebury stones, and hiked uohill, down valley, through bogs, and scared the poo out of one or two drivers enroute !! The funniest incident of the evening for me was seeing the face of one very cocky little boy racer and his little chav, who decided to beep his horn at the parade of druids and pagans crossing the road, his jaw hit the floor, as a man wearing deer antlers and a green man mask, planted himself directly in front of said car, raised his staff and pointed at him!! His bowels, though really opened when he noticed a number of rather large Hells Angels crossing. He quite literally tried to sink into his seat hehehe

As always of course, the boys of the local constabulary could not of course leave pagans alone to carry out their perfectly legal and legitimate religous observances, without assistance... yes all of a sudden whilst walking peacefully through a field adjoining the A4, we were disturbed by blue flasing lights and a pair of powerful torches shone in our faces. A group, including a couple of the H.A's popped over to have a word, and the police, rather grudgingly no doubt, went off to continue their paid employmernt of catching criminals.. note for Wilts Police PAGANISM IS NOT AN OFFENCE !!

Arrived at The Sanctuary and carried out the ritual. then rockets were let off to celebrate the lives of those who had gone before. I dedicated a few of the rockets to some special children ;)

Then it was off to the druids house, a cottage owned by the arch druid, for coffee, tea, mead, beef stew, veg stew, roast boar ( yummmy !!), much carousing, singing and occasional bouts of sleeping, until 6ish when we staggered up, wrapped up and toddled off to swallowhead to complete the ritual. then a quick (?) hike back to Avebury via Silbury Hill and finally back to the stones, and the pub. I managed to persudae the pub chef to fire up thye coffee machin and we sta and vegged in the car park for another two hours until Gary came from doing the school run to collect me.. and a few extra passengers who needed lifts hehe

I have had a couple of hours kip, now still feeling shattered and somewhat surreal and 'other planettish' am off to work shortly !! I think my account of the evening might leave out the police though, as would not go down well there hehe.

Last night has changed a lot of things for me, one thing in particular, but I will post about that at a more appropriate time.

Final 'raised eyebrows' of the evening award goes without a doiubt to those who among their fellows who were offering up the spirits of close relations, were offering up the spirits of their pets. Maybe I am a callous old bag, maybe being in the CHD world and seeing too many children losing their lives has changed me, but listening to some one offering up the spirit of her chicken Doris, made me kind of grr and kind of giggle. In one way, yes they have the right to offer up whatever spirits they please. But among dedications for children, young people and parents, a murder victim it seemed kind of surreal. Then again maybe I should just be pleased for them that the worse death they have suffered is that of their pet chicken.... I would not wish the death of your child on anyone.

Sorry all very reflective for someone who is quite as knackered as me!!

Blessed Be friends, may the spirits of those who have gone before, be at peace, until we meet again. May you know peace in your lives and may the new year ( yep its Pagan New Year) bring joy, happiness, peace, love and prosperity. But most of all happiness xxxxx