Thursday, December 06, 2007

What does courtesy cost ??

Slight rant, but also an observation on the world today.

When I was small (as in young Daniel, not referring to my height!) I was always taught to say please and thank you. If we didn't say please we did not get whatever it was. Simple, easy to understand and no bother... or is it.

I am , as you know, a mod on freecycle.I am a huge fan of Freecycle and use it to clear out unwanted items and get items I need. But there is something that really, really gets my goat. It's when a small minority of people seem to think that you owe them a living, that they are doing YOU a favour by taking stuff. Actually no you are not. I offer on freecycle first, if nobody wants it , then the item goes to the charity shop. simple really.

But I get soooo pee'd at the replies I have had over the years, ' Give me your address and |I will come and get it', Or the straight to the point ' I want this'. Not forgetting ' Ring me on 071234 56789 to arrange for me to collect it' Err hang on, I am offering something, very often something decent, have never offered tat on there, and you expect ME to spend money for the honour of you taking said item!

tell you what, a simple, 'Please could I have this' wins a lot more points with me. better still a 'If this has not already gone please would you consider me for it, because ...., thank you' almost guarantees a positive response!!!

Finally don't bleddy well email me every ten minutes. Wait and be patient, just because you are stuck to the computer doesn't mean the rest of us are ! ( Well except Dan, he has a laptop glued to him at all times, even when in the loo!! )


Dan said...

ACTUALLY my laptop is across the room and out of reach ;)

AND I am playing WoW ;)

yep, you're short.

Posh Totty said...

your absolutly right Em, there is no excuse for lack of basic courtesy or manners.

Nancy said...

I am trying to teach my kiddos to have good manners but I tell ya, most of the world doesn't seem to think it's necessary anymore. I hate it when people think they are owed something too.

And that last part about Dam being on the loo while on his laptop was just way TMI!! I have a laptop now too - in fact, I'M on it now - but never use it while in the loo... or even in the bathroom.

Just an FYI... did you know that freecycle started right here in Tucson AZ? I don't participate on there because it is extremely busy and many people on there are rude! I just donate all my stuff to charity now. Sad, isn't it?