Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Big Hand for Swindon Borough Council

Not often that I give praise to my local council. I have had more than one bad experience with the jobsworth elements there, but equally I have had some good experiences, when they have actually done their job!!

Today though was exceptional by any standard. Doing the school run this morning we encountered a large tractor, complete with hedge cutting equipment, trying to cross the pavement to access the footpath that runs adjacent to our house. It was not perhaps the best move the tractor driver made, well certainly not as far as timing goes, it was 8.40 am and the footpath was busy with children and parents making their way to two local primary schools. He got the 'mother' look from me and decided to stay put until the children were out the way hehe.

Anyway 11.20am walked past again on way to school, all was well. Returning some 50 minutes later, my friend and I were astounded to see a huge hole had appeared in the pavement, measuring I would estimate a foot across by 3ft long and a good 3 foot deep. I rang the council straight away off my mobile, was transferred to the highways dept who took the details and informed me that someone would be out to make it safe within ' 2-3 hours'.

10 minutes later, I went out to get the bus to town, and was shocked to see a man there already!! He erected a barrier, those thin metal poles and the orange plastic fencing on a roll stuff.

Now by any standards I think 10 minutes to get someone out to make a hazard safe like that has got to be impressive hasn't it!!

So well done SBC, not often you will hear me say that, but hey credit where credits due !!!

Footnote: Its too dark now but I will try to get a pic of said hole tommorow when it is light


Posh Totty said...

Thats great to hear.

Here they would have just left it for people to fall down or untill someone went to the local papers about it and then they might do something about it.

Nothing gets done here until its been in the local papers first.