Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Giving birth in Swindon ...

DON'T !!

Most of the people reading my blog will know the story of Skyes birth, in short it was grossly mismanaged by a twit of a registrar who could not be bothered to treat me in time so I wound up with an emergency c section.

Aftercare was no better, with HCas swearing at patients, being told to 'get on with it for gods sake' when I asked for help getting out of bed after my c section, lack of help resulted in a huge bleed, which led to a bollocking form the midwife for getting out of bed on my own!! Despite my insistence that there was something wrong with Skye, my concerns were mocked and belittled, I was even threatened that if I did not shut up that I would be sent to the 'mental hospital' and Skye put in care....... you know the rest!!

6 weeks prior to Skye arriving, another baby was born on the same unit, whose mum also kept insisting something was wrong, she was also ignored until day three when the baby collapsed, was blue lighted to Bristol, where the baby was found to have a severe heart defect. Baby went into theatre with just 20 % chance of coming out. Thankfully baby did make it, and is now a delightful and happy almost four year old!

That is just two of the stories, there must be many many more surrounding this unit. But without a doubt the most horrifying has to be this one.

How can ANY competent medical professional get mixed up to the extent that they put an epidural into an arm instead of the spine? With the checks in place in modern hospitals ? Negligence, I would even go as far as to call it criminal negligence, merely my opinion of course, but read the story and judge for yourself.

WhatI find so sad about this case, is that this poor womans husband was deported back to the Phillipines, as he was here on her visa, and to quote the home office, as she was no longer working he had to go.

I am so pleased I had Garin in a different hospital. How many people can understand that decision!!