Monday, January 28, 2008

Household Management meme

That bird over at Posh Totty has tagged me, ME of all people to share my household management tips!! OMGodess whats she like hehehe has she not realized that I spend far too much time nosing into other peoples lives to do housework .... oh wait no that's not me that's someone else ROFL

Seriously though housework is very much NOT my thing he he but here are a few tips that I can think of

1. Don't use fabric conditioner when washing towels or washable nappies, it coats the fabric making it less absorbent, instead chuck a slug of white vinegar into the conditioner compartment. Still softens without lessening the absorbency.

2. A natural alternative to disinfectant and antiseptic is Tea tree oil, much safer than all those chemicals :) Its also good for adding to the final rinse water when washing kids hair, it is a good nit deterrent

3. Inlaws coming round ? Save the effort of dusting madly, simply squirt some furniture polish in the lounge, the in laws will think you have been working for hours!!!

4. To minimise dusting wipe over high static areas eg TV screens with cloth dipped in a solution of warm water and fabric conditioner. Not only does it reduce the static cling it also smells quite nice!! Warning warning Make sure you wring the cloth out well, it should be just damp not wet, else you will electrocute yourself !!

5. Hoping for a bit of action in the bedroom? want to hide your sloveny ways from the OH ? Chuck the sheets in the dryer with a dryer sheet for ten minutes, makes them smell freshly washed and OH will think you have spent all day washing and ironing! To make sure they can't see any mess, light a few candles for 'ambience' and burn an incense stick. They will think you are romantic, when trul you are a slob :D
Hope that is ok Posh mwah

I tag anyone who has not already been tagged :P