Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Challenge for you all

A challenge to my readers who need something to keep them occupied in the wee small hours.

In Sept 1989, a boxing match took place between Steve McCarthy and Tony Wilson, at the Guildhall in Southampton, Hampshire. In the third round, McCarthy almost succeeded in knocking Wilson out, but the boxer managed to regain his feet to continue the bout. In very short order McCarthy had Wilson pinned against the ropes. Well at this point things took a very very bizarre turn, when Wilsons mum decided that her baby boy was taking a bit too much of a beating, climbed into the ring and proceeded to batter McCarthy around the head with her stiletto shoe. McCarthy received 4 stitches as a result and refused to re enter the ring, so the ref awarded the match to Wilson.

I have googled, but all I can find is reports on the incident. I know a video exists, it appears every so often on sporting bloopers shows and the like, but I cannot seem to be able to locate it anywhere on the net.

That is my challenge to you!! Can you find it ????


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