Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling really crap

Having one of my not so great days. I think these days are shoved at me to remind me that the somewhat better days are actually quite good!! Can't post elsewhere about it, theres enough nonsense without me adding to it :(

Been a fairly busy day, but nothing majorly excessive, but have been fretting about something, something knew was stupid and didn't make sense but could do nothing about. TBH have spent the past few days fretting about it!! Together with other recent events, think it all built up stress wise to give me today. Chest pains are bad, but not crippling. Joints are all inflamed, and very painful. Feet are white and purple in patches, very attractive ... not lol. Now feeling quite light headed too, mind you I have not eaten at all today so that probably isn't helping!!

Not very happy post, but not going to apologise, its my blog, and sometimes that means a miserable bloody whinge from me!!!


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling 100% today hun. Sending you loads of calming, healing hugs

Bev x

Posh Totty said...

Awww doll ((((((bug squishy hugs))))) Im sorry you are feeling so pants, im always here if you need to talk, all you got to do is pick up the phone any time night or day.

Dan said...

Guess it's something in the water :)
Never mind, my manly charms will keep you entertained while you sort my house out.