Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sad, Angry, Frustrated......

Many of my readers here will already know the details surrounding Skyes birth and the dreadful treatment I received from our local hospital, but for the newer readers among you, I will briefly(ish) recap.

Skye was born in April 2004, the birth was in my opinion, grossly mishandled, induction was started, waters broken , then abandoned for two days. By the time I was taken back to the delivery room, the waters had gone completely, and Skye was in distress, I dread to think how long that had gone on, nobody would listen when I expressed serious concern for her. Emergency c section followed, and from day one I said there was something not right, but was not taken seriously. In fact at one stage the auxillary nurse told me to shut up or i would be put in the 'mental unit' and Skye put in care. Five weeks later, Skye was diagnosed with chd, and the rest as they say is history. Six weeks before Skye was born, another baby girl was born there, the mother again was sure that something was terribly wrong, again her fears were dismissed, that time though the baby collapsed at three days, was bluelighted to another hospital where she underwent open heart surgery. Fortunatly she survived.

Now I would have thought, that having been proved wrong the first occasion, that the midwives and staff would have been a little more, well careful? Sadly not. Just weeks after Skyes birth at about the time we were first being told that there was something wrong, a new mum died.

Mayra Cabrera, died after having an epidural put into her arm, instead of her spine. She died. Her newborn son, Zac, was left motherless. Her husband, Arnel and son face deportation as the terms of the original visa were dependent on her working. After her death, she was obviously not working so the powers that be are kicking him out. Great his wife comes here to work in OUR NHS, the same NHS kills her, then we send him back to the poverty stricken phillipines.

Today an inquest jury has recorded a verdict of unlawful killing on Mayra. But the police/CPS have stated BEFORE the case was heard , that there would be NO prosecutions in this case. WTF ??? Now please don't get me wrong here, I hate people who sue the NHS at the drop of a hat, but honestly, this is different, somebody, either as an individual or as a organisation/team whatever are responsible for this womans death. Why do they not have to face the consequences. Its manslaughter surely ? Death caused by reckless or grossly negligent behaviour is manslaughter under law. So why is nobody being prosecuted? I know prosecution will not bring her back, but if she had been killed by somebdy else as a result of the other persons gross negligence. that person would be prosecuted. I really do not understand why the hospital/midwife, are being allowed to get way with it.

I just wish that complaints made by myself and man other new mums in the months running up to Mayras death were listened too. Maybe, just maybe, she would have been alive today, watching Zac growing up.

I truly hope that the home office reconsider their decision and allow Arnel and Zac to stay here, I am watching to see if any petition etc is statred, if it is I will sign instantly. I hope also that Arnel and Zac can find some peace and happiness in their lives, blessed by Mayra watching over them

Edited to add: A friend has recently given irth at GWH, she reports that the whole experience was excellent and the care given was first rate. I am really glad that things have improved up there, but why the dickens did a woman have to die before change was made ?


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

We had a similar experience when Lucy was born - the midwife on duty on the postnatal ward didn't listen to my concerns. Fortunately 15 hours after her birth someone did. I was told it would never happen again ...... haven't been back there - we moved away - so don't know if things have changed.

Thinking of you Em

Bev xx