Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have recently been pondering upon the subject of class. No no, not school classes, Class, as in the structure of society.

I do not doubt that class still exists for good or bad in the UK. I am not out to debate the rights or wrongs of class, well not today anyway!

My observations are more about the way we view class in society today. Back in the 'good ole days' there were the upper classes, they ruled, they made the decisions, they were inevitably rich, then came the middle classes, not quite well enough off to be upper, but worked in white collar jobs, often they were small business owners, then came the lower classes, those who did all the work, the grotty and often dangerous work, rarely did they own their own homes. As time went on, the lower classes became known as the working class. Yet their status in society did not change. Perhaps in modern society, we could add in a fourth class, the benefit class. Those who for whatever reason survive on the handouts from the gov't.

When trains first started running in the UK, there were three classes, First, second and third. Later Third class was dropped and there remained only First and Second. Then someone pointed out that it was possibly not quite politically correct to call those who could afford only the cheaper tickets 'second class' so they changed the name to 'Standard Class' yet First class remains First class.

this really hot me last week whilst viewing the news about Naomi Campbells paddy on B.A . An american passenger was interviewd on landing in the states, about the incident. His reply had me chuckling. ' There was a lot of shouting up in business class, I couldn't see what exactly happened as I was in .. the .. well the ... errm well the cabin below that' WHAT???? ' the cabin below that'? What on earth is ' the cabin below that' when it is at home?? Its called STANDARD class matey. Why on earth did he say that, was he actually ashamed of admitting that he paid a lower price and so got basic but sufficent facilities to travel across the Atlantic? Just my opinion , but oh how silly!!!

Today the subject came to my attention again, on a train from Bristol. I quite enjoy listening to the conversations of other passengers, it makes the most fascinating view on life hehe. One conversation made me laugh and want to slap someone all at the same time, when the following conersation was overheard. (I was traveling in Standard class it should be noted)

Lady 'Oh for gods sake why are they all reserved'

Man ' well sit here anyway, it says reserved from Bristol and theres nobody there, so they must not want the seat'

Lady ' Oh I suppose we will have to'

Few minutes pass, and the train pulls out of the station

Lady ' Oh for gods sake, we are travelling backwards. I cannot, utterly nOT travel backwards all the way to London, for gods sake, this is ridiculous'

Man ' well suppose we could look further up the train'

Lady ' Oh for crying out loud, I don't care if they won't pay for a decent seat I will pay the bloody upgrade myself. How on earth do they expect me to travel like this, its DISGUSTING' said whilst glaring at other customers.

With which words she flounced out of the carriage. Me being me, couldn't resist calling out ' Missing you already' as she exited, much to the amusement of the other passengers. What was really funny though, was that she had gone in the wrong direction and some 15 minutes later she stomped back through the carriage, very red and head down as she scurried past. And yes of course I resisited the temptation to declare as she passed ' Well hello daaaahhhling, so nice to see you again ' ..... didn't I? ? ? ;)

Class does still exist, course it does, but political correctness has put the kybosh on any one admitting it.


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Good job that I wasn't on there and found the stupid woman sat in a seat I had reserved. Glad you commented on her actions. I hope she was ashamed of herself.

Gave me a laugh though this morning!