Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dan Campaign Day One

At the end of Day One, although actually its only been a few hours, we have an incredible 25 members, 8 wall posts and 3 discussions!!

One discussion which dan might find particuarly interesting is ' Reasons Dan should be on facebook ' started by Mand and including such gems as 'The female population of Facebook will have no one to take the piss out of them with out Dan, Nobody else has an outlook on life quite like Dan, Who will steal all my human pets if Dans not about :o(, because he is fun :)who else can I send hatching snake eggs to?, Cause he is the Best at poking, the best at stealing all my people on owned and he has done nothing wrong.. your missed so much Dan,,'

The best coment left on the wall though has to be ' Is it wrong to find it funny he managed to get himself banned in the first place - and only Dan could not know why! hehehe xxx '

Dan I leave it to you to figure out who said what my dear :D

Another update tommorow night folks, and if you have not already joined .... DO IT NOW