Monday, July 28, 2008

What a weekend

Not going to go into many details here, mainly due to the fact that some of it is just too personal, but lets just say this weekend has been the weekend from hell, which nearly ended very badly all round. We have survived though and hopefully stronger and better for it, we will move on.

Families - Why do some members of the extended family, think they have some kind of god given right to judge? They have NO idea whatsoever what our lives are like, yet feel that they can judge us. They think they can say wtf they please and we won't care. Well we do!!
They think the world revolves around them, it doesn't. They think they are the be all and end all. They can lie about something of supreme importance, play around with peoples lives.

I think that someone who lies to her boyfriend that her baby is his, then carries on lying even when it is screamingly obvious that the child is not his. Then after making him pay to support her and the baby for months on end, dumps him and goes off with the true father of the baby. Who incidentally now thinks that he is a big man and can bully everyone into doing what he wants.

'Family' like that we can do without thanks.

We have survived this weekend, we have survived everything you have thrown at us and guess what... we are ok. Going to take time to heal some of the damage you did. But get there we will. Without you!!

Those of you who read this via the forums, I will be back in a day or two, need to spend a bit of time sorting out some legal stuff and repairing the damage wreaked.

And believe me, dear readers, what I have written here is just the tip of an iceberg the size of twenty double decker buses!! The events of this weekend would make even Jeremys hair curl!!!