Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am amazing .....

I have a husband who loves me, who I love with all me soul, a gang of gorgeous, happy well adjusted kids, and the best friends in all the world. I have belief in things you know nothing of.

I am H.A.P.P.Y ..... and you are not going to put even the slightest dint in that happiness. Because you are truly not worth it. One day, and despite all that has gone on, all the hurt and pain you have caused to me, I hope, and truly hope, that one day you can become happy, well adjusted and have a life which makes you content. Not just because then you might actually piss off and leave me alone, but because I want you to be happy. I do not believe that trying to harrass me again will make you happy, its just another symptom of your own misery, trying to attack those whose happiness you envy. trying to drag them down so you are not alone in miseryville. Well, sorry and all that, but I am not planning on heading to miseryville, but I hope and pray that you can find your way out of it.

Happiness is out there, its yours, if you will only see that the only path to reach it lies within yourself. Light the torch, pick up your pack and prepare for a long, hard slog... it will be worth it if you make the effort