Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back again ... for now

I make no apologies for not posting much over the past few weeks. Its been the school holidays, and we have been exceptionally busy with the children. That would not usually stop me from posting, though blogging has been extremely sporadic over the past year or so, but we have been on the road, which did seriously limit me in posting anywhere on the net.

Well, now we are home, it is almost time for the children to return to school. So its back to being confined to barracks, limited to travelling at the weekends, and generally pretending to be normal for a bit.

So what is new with us?

Skye- We have had a few scares with her, but she is doing ok now. She had, at her own request, her hair dyed purple/pink over the hols, fortunately despite me using the wrong dye, it has now almost washed out, could of been interesting explaining that away to her head teacher if she had turned up bright purple hey!!

Garin- Garin, is his normal cheeky, lively self. Hair-wise he wanted a mohawk, like Daddy and Uncle Soggy have, so that is what he got at the start of the holidays, which later turned bright blue hehe. Decided that as the dye has all but gone, we are going to let him keep the mohawk, which he is over the moon about.

Gary - usual self ;-)

Me - Grumpy, in pain, and working hard ... yep normal here too BUT in other news, I am now offering Tarot card readings, at the moment in return for a donation (set amount) to the Childrens Heart Federation so if you would like a reading, let me know. All readings in Wiltshire, face to face, in very rare and exceptional cases I will do readings by phone, but this is not usual practice for me. Depending on distance/timing etc, I can occasionally do readings in other parts of the UK, but you will need to contact me for details.

I will be setting various things up in the next few weeks, including a Facebook page, web page etc. Details to follow as it is all set up.

Meantime, if you would like a reading and do not have my number, please email me on