Thursday, November 30, 2006

WFTC / CTC Warning contains lots of swearing

I have had an absolute, total stomach full of the barstewards known as the Inland Revenue Working Families Tax Credits and Child Tax credits dept. They are shit . They do not know how to do their pissing jobs, in fact monkeys from the zoo would make less fricking cock ups than these tossers.

When Garin was born they made a cock up, which resulted in the loss of £80 a week for us, took them four months to sort their lives out and pay us right, that was three weeks ago. TWO weeks ago I rang them and asked for them to change the account the money is paid into, from my account which is being shut by the bank due to being overdrawn without authorisation .... because the tax credits were not being fricking paid... and asked that they be paid into Garys account instead. Only instead of changing the payment details the claim was cancelled altogether. WFTC blame it on a 'computer error' FUCK OFF , computers don't make errors, they are MACHINES , they process the information that is inputted, they don't suddenly decide to take off all on their own and start making decisions without human input FFS this is not a fucking sci fi movie ! This is real life, MY real life.

The payment was supposed to go in on Tuesday, which is when we found out that the claim had been cancelled. Spoke to them and they said they would 'refer' it . Knowing this could take several months as the tossers are too damned lazy to actually DO any work, I phoned my MP Anne Snelgrove , someone in her office rang WFTC and managed to elicit a promise of a giro to be delivered by Thursday, ie today... guess what ... its not fucking well arrived. Back on to Sarah at Anne Snelgroves office, she ranf WFTC again, and surprise surprise the bloke dealing with this is 'out of the office' . AAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH Perhaps if they spent a little less time out of the office and a little more time doing the job they are fucking well paid to do, there would not be 'computer errors' , they would not screw up peoples lives. I have had an absolute stomach full. Cannot take any more of this, living from day to day wondering how the fuck I am to feed the kids, or heat the house. Enough, please somebody do something, make these idiots pay me what I am due.

Really cannot face another four months of no income, it will finish us, kids will be taken into care, can't afford to feed the poor buggers. Had enough.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of "fanning the flames" I thought I'd tell you an interesting story.

Pre-Tam, back in the days of the Jaysen and Bethy Show, we got our tax credits no mess, no fuss, no hassle. Then, one February we phoned to tell them we'd lost Bethy. Very sorry Mr English, condolences etc etc, bye bye money.

Four weeks later, Tam arrived, so we called them back and added to her our claim.

It took them six months to figure out what the hell was happening, and a further two months to start paying us.

So yeah, good luck, and don't hold your breath.