Saturday, October 22, 2016


Hello blog, long time no see .... does anyone still read this even? Well, seeing as I have not posted in a while probably not pmsl

Thursday, July 05, 2012


Tonight, I am sitting here in shock. Shaken to the very core. Tonight I found out something that I never imagined could ever happen to anyone I knew. Its the kind of thing that happens to other people, on the news, not to people I know.

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I had this friend, Sarah, she'd been at school with my brothers, but you know we kinda clicked, she had a little baby boy Daniel, and I used to babysit for her sometimes. I also used to bunk off school and go round hers. Trust me it was waaaay more fun than going to school! I trusted her, looked up to her and adored her, her fiancé, and Daniel. When she got married, I was a bridesmaid for her. She lived with her Dad at first then they moved to a little place of their own. Life moved on, we moved, I had exams, and then work, then marriage, I heard that she and her husband had spilt up, she was busy .... the long and the short was we lost touch.

I so regret that now. I have been looking for her the past 2-3 years. On Facebook, that kind of thing. Couldn't find her. Then today I found her ex on Facebook. So I sent him a friend request. He accepted it. We started to catch up

Then he told me... told me why I had found no trace of her. She is dead. Not just dead, but murdered. Murdered in a most awful way. I am heartbroken. She was a lovely, happy, bubbly, funny and caring woman. She was a GOOD person. She didn't deserve to die, and she most definitely didn't deserve to die the way she did.

This doesn't happen to people that I know, it happens to people in distant cities, on the news. It doesn't happen in streets where I used to play as a child, to friends of mine. Only it has, it did.

Her Dad, a lovely guy, who used to let me earn a bit of pocket money at weekends and hols by helping him on his delivery round, died a year later.I am convinced he died of a broken heart. He adored his family.

Tonight, I will go to bed, and I hope, dream of the fun times. I will not post links to the news stories surrounding her murder. Her killer was caught and received a punishment. I can't say its justice, because right now nothing could feel like justice.

Just remember guys, don't lose contact with those you care about. Or by the time you try to re-connect, it could be just too late.

RIP Sarah, RIP Dennis, I have never forgotten either of you. Never will. xxxx

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Hair experiment - Update

Well amazing though it sounds, this experiment is working. Not just working, but working really well. I am away from home at the moment and forgot to pack the bicarb etc, so have washed my hair once with plain water in the shower. Yet now its drying, its shiny, soft and manageable.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to pretend I haven't had moments of serious doubt, moments of actually considering reverting to the chemical solutions again. But I'm so glad I haven't. I cannot remember the last time I could brush my hair without resorting to detangle spray in conditioner, now I can get up in the morning and just comb it out with my fingers.

I really cannot praise this method enough!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Birds and the Bees ....

Well,knew the day would come, as it does with all children, but why do my kids always choose the most inappropriate time and place to ask those questions.

Picture the scene if you will. In the pub in Avebury, on a busy Saturday, surrounded by our friends. On the table a dozen eggs, just bought from a friend who keeps chickens.

S (daughter): if we put those in an incubator like they do at school, we can get chicks and then we can have our own chickens

Me: No we can't sweetheart, they aren't fertile eggs

S: They are mumma, if we open them there will be a chick in them

Me: No they won't, they are just eggs, nothing else

S: So how do the chicks get in them?

Me: *oh no not now* - well, you know where babies come from? Its like that

S: How ARE babies made Mumma?

Me *oh why now???* Well, the Mummy's have the egg, and the Daddy gives the Mummy a seed, and it turns into a baby

S: I see ....*ponders* so the Mummy eats the Daddy's seed and gets a baby

Me: *not wanting to give her misinformation and scar her for life* Well not quite , the daddy has a special way to give th mummy his seed

S: How?

Me: Erm, well *oh shit, here goes* well you know what boys have that girls don't?

S: No

Me: well what does your brother G have that you don't?

S: *enlightenment dawns on her face* Power Rangers!!


G: She does have a Power Ranger, shes got the girl one

Me: Lets discuss this when we get home shall we?

Rest of the pub : Hysterical roars of laughter

G: I know how Daddys give the seed to the Mummys, they wait til the Mummys are asleep then drop it in their mouths whilst they are snoring

Me *sob*

A trip to Brizzle

This week two friends, who for their protection, I will merely refer to as R and C, and I decided to head off to the vices that is Bristol. Locally known as Brizzle. Now Brizzle is a big city, with lots and lots of shops . Which like most cities means that there is not too much room for city centre parking and what there is tends to be hard to find and pricey. So we decided that using the Park and Ride would be a much better plan. Its not difficult really, follow the satnav directions to the park and ride, park, jump on bus ..... But then that would be boring wouldn't it? Oh yes, in typical FU Fairy fashion, things did not go quite THAT smoothly. It's not our fault, no really truly it isn't. We did exactly what the sat-nav told us to do. Except it got it a little, tiny bit wrong. Like telling us to take the next right turn, just before Lidl's when it REALLY meant to take the right turn after Lidl's. So, having taken the wrong right turn, we found ourselves on a housing estate ... following the Tesco bus. In an attempt to escape the Tesco bus, we turned the opposite way to it. A short way down this new road, and still hopelessly lost, we pulled up by the side of a petrol station and carwash. Two men were stood there, so we asked them if they could please help us and direct us to the park and ride. ' Well, now moi deeears' one answered, in broadest Bristolian accent.' You are miles from it now, what you need do is, well actually, theres two ways to it, but if you go that way its a very country road and a bit windy, you'll not be liking that, so the best way to go is back down the way you be coming from, and then turn right, then keep on that road til you turn left, then stay on that road and go right then right again and follow that road all the way til you get there ' Now that's not too difficult is it? After all we are three, intelligent, sensible women, what on earth could go wrong? So off we set again, u-turned and went back down the road, turned right, and then .... well then we started nattering and talking about the man who had given us directions, imagining his grandad stood in the same spot, 80 yrs ago, leaning on a gate and chewing a straw.... he was that kind of man really. Trouble was we were so busy nattering we forgot to turn left ... and suddenly there it was ... the bloody Tesco bus!! Only this time it was turning round and heading straight for us, we skipped past and suddenly realised we were facing a dead end. EEEEEEKKKK, R who was driving, swung the car round in the wake of the bus, and to shrieks from myself and C of 'Follow that bus' we headed back, turning this way and that in pursuit of the bus, hoping to spot Lidl's ....But it wasn't Lidl's we spotted. Oh no, not us, we spotted .... THE PETROL STATION/CARWASH AND THE SAME MAN STILL STOOD OUTSIDE! We looked at each other, and started laughing. R drove past, studiously looking in the other direction, whilst C, who was front seat passenger, sank as low as she could in the seat and pretended that there was something fascinating out her window, whilst I sat in the back had to resist the urge to wave at our friendly direction giver, whilst mopping the tears of hysterical laughter that were pouring down my face. This time, we managed despite the fits of laughter to find our way and found the park and ride. Out we jumped and headed for the bus, only by this time we were all dying for a wee and C and I were dying for a smoke. So first things first, loo and smoke. Whilst waiting outside the loo, we were approached by a couple. ' When's the next bus due? and do we pay on the bus or here?' erm no idea, why not ask at the travel info office just there... hmmm it's going to be one of those days isn't it hehe The shopping trip began, and was highly succesful, well it would with fabric shop, chocolate shop and book shop, Subway and coffee in Starbucks. However one final moment of hilarity occured, as we were heading to the book shop, R noticed the church over the road, she commented on its beauty, only for a elderly gent to accost her and proceed to give her the complete history of said church .... C and I being the good friends we are, of course extracted her from this sticky situation .... yeah right, we scuttled into the coffee shop and hid behind the shelves crying with laughter!! Ah, it was a lovely day out. But next time, we may take the map instead of the sat nav pmsl

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A hair experiment

My hair is quite simply a mess, to the point that if I don't wash and condition it every day, it ends up turning into a kind of super strength spiders web, made of wire. I did a little research and it seems that for the sake of a little, erm, inconvenience and damage to my vanity, I can have the most amazing hair!! this is how it works ... I don't shampoo my hair .... ever ever again. Sounds gross doesn't it. But its not quite as gross as it initially sounds. Please not I didn't say I wasn't washing my hair, I said not shampooing it. Instead I am to use natural ingredients, but at the same time, wash my hair alot less. So four days ago was the last time I used shampoo, indeed to give the old oil glands a chance, I haven't even washed it. Its not been too bad, but had got a little more greasy than I like. So I have just tried the first 'natural' wash. I started with Bicarbonate of Soda, dissolved in warm water. I tipped this over my head, then massaged it well into my scalp. This, apparently stimulates the sebum glands, which produces the oil that is your hairs natural cleaner ... after rinsing in lukewarm water, I smothered my hair in ..... Honey. Yes good old fashioned, cheaper than frozen chips, bog standard honey. Eugh? Well, you'd think so wouldn't you? You'd think that it would just turn your head into a big sticky mess, that wouldn't wash out. Wrong!! It goes on well, and after leaing it to work its magic for a few minutes, it washed out very easily. Final touch was the rinse, made up of lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar. My first thought about the vinegar was that I didn't want to smell like a chip shop, but actually it really doesn't smell , well not once its rinsed out with fresh water. Hairs not dried yet, trying to avoid hairdryer too, but feels very clean and soft. We will see if it works, its kinda scary too. Have become so reliant on the chemical stuff that such a radical change seems weird. Still time will tell if it works. watch this space for updates!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

what to blog

I don't blog enough, I know I don't. To be honest I wonder sometimes if I shouldn't just delete this blog .... but then again, when I do blog its good ... isn't it?

So why don't I blog more? I dunno, maybe cos I think my life really isn't all that exciting, or that when stuff does happen, its not something I can blog about.

But then what is the point of a blog, if not the careless, meandering path of my rather muddled brain ?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This made me cry ....

It's not often that it happens, but today I cried, in fact I sat with tears streaming down my face...... With laughter.

Blame Dan over at 0ddness blog lol.

want to see what I found so funny??

Click here to see rofl