Saturday, September 30, 2006

Open blog !

Ok have decided not to 'hide' my blog anymore, have a seperate blog where I can rant and whinge about people, occurnces etc that piss me off, so this one, well its going to carry on being the same as it has been since I started it. Judigng by my site meter the people I wanted to keep away from have been reading it anyway so ho hum !! If you read and you don't like what I say , tough titty. Its my blog, its not hidden like some peoples I could mention ( no Emma not you, you just keep breaking yours !!) I have nothing to hide, I speak as I find, I say what I think, and thats what I am like in RL so why not here ?

Ok off to make phonecalls, do washing, washing up and hoovering and various other stuff that comes under the general heading of housework Bllleeeeuuughghhh .

And I have to move away from the PC and watching cars and buses driving past Dan and Jo's house !!


Anonymous said...

hehehe Jaysen would rather watch the webcam vs. look out the window. Strange lad. Nice to see you're amused by traffic though ;)

And you're only "unhiding" this so you get mentioned in my weekly posts aren't you ;) hehehe

Em's way said...

lol well if my life is exciting enough !!