Sunday, October 29, 2006


Frustrating is the only explanation I can give of our day today, been good bits and bad bits.

Good bits - Sky Tv engineer came to look at the box as its been playing up, took one look at it and went out to his van for a brand new ( and much nicer/more expensive) box, which as we have insurance on it did not cost a penny

Got some really good bargains at the car boot, mostly for other people it must be admitted but hey a abrgain is a bargain lol

Bad bits - photographer came from local rag to take pics for a story they are running on HL and Skye etc, and Skye and Garin both refused point blank to cooperate.

Skye has not eaten a single thing all day, except half a small bar of chocolate, and even that had more smeared round her face than in her mouth ! About to put her to bed with fortini as at least that way she gets something in her. Feel like banging my head on a brick wall when she is like this hough, takes hours to get her to eat normally, and when shes like this and refuses to eat at all... well its really frustrating !!

Off to bath my very smelly grubby urchins and put them to bed , hopefully they will at least let me have some ruddy sleep tonight !!