Sunday, October 15, 2006

Next friday 13th .......

I will be staying in bed, barricading the windows and doors and not moving one inch !

All day long I watched and waited, but everything went smoothly until 10.55 pm then everything started going horribly wrong.

10.55pm Gary gets a call in to work, he is on callout so we were not too surprised ! However Gary being Gary decided that he was in a hurry so floored it going down the dual carriageway ... and got stopped by the police :( Oh yes my beloved , who I am always bollocking about his speed on this particular stretch of road was doing 61mph in a 40 mph zone .... not a happy bunny ! So he collects a £60 fine and 3 penalty points, then in a strop he stops at the garage to fill up the car. Only being in a stroppy stressy shitty mood now, he doesn't look at what he is doing and fills up with unleaded. No problem ? Well shouldn't have been except the car is a diesel !

So he drives down to work, fills in the reports, goes back out to the car, to discover it won't start. Realising what he has done , he drains the tank, then makes several journeys on foot to the garage to get some diesel, car still won't start.

Gets a lift home from one of his mates, gets up in the morning ( morning ? well he didn't get home until 5.30 am so it was near lunch before he stirred) then off he went to see if he could get the darn thing fixed, no luck so trawled round all the vauxhall garages on his motor bike to see if he can get any advice. Except there are no vauxhall mechanics working on saturday !

So he took a pootle down to the motorbike shop to see if they could offer any advce ( actually I think it was to see what bikes they had in lol ) , whilst there one of the managers noticed the indicator was loose, so kind man tried to fix it... only he broke the alarm/immobiliser at the same time, so now we have to wait until tuesday to get it fixed !!

Got home, he phoned a friend of mines hubby ( thanks Sarah and John !!) who is a mechanic, he advised Gary what to do, so this morning off he went again, but after doing the work John suggested he discovered that the bloody battery was flat.

So now we have no car and no motorbike.

Got up this morning, went to walk over the carboot sale, only to discover the bloody double buggy had a flat tyre !!!!!!

So used the single to plod over there, leaving Garin to the tender loving mercies of his big brother.

Came back and as I am due in hospital for tests on my buggered intestines, took the first dose of the wonderful medicine Picolax. Picolax is an elephant strength laxative, and it started working very very quickly. Unfortunatly , I also had an allergic reaction to it. So am sat here , itching like a mad thing, swollen , purple and running to the loo every 10 minutes :(

No way I am risking the second dose of picolax, Not with my track record of going into anaphalatic shock at the drop of a hat ! So there will be no tests tommorow, and they will have to find either a) an alternative to Picolax or b) an alternative to the tests

Oh and to really cheer my day up, bumped into a friend at the carboot, she lost her little boy to chd five years ago, who commented on how ill Skye is looking ( I thought she was looking ok :( ) and how blue she is ( true sadly ) . I said we had a cardiac appointment coming up, and there was a possibility they would need to operate onher sooner than planned. So she asked me that if the operation went wrong would I make sure someone let her know as she would hate to put her foot in it when she saw me again. Was a bit gobsmacked to say the least. Came home, then sat down and bawled my eyes out.

When we were first told of Skyes diagnosis, I was terrified that we would lose her, but after finding CHDUK was reassured that losing her was extremely highly unlikely. To be honest since then I have never really let myself think about that . But today I am brooding on it, wondering what I would do if she died. I even started to think about her funeral. But its ridiculous, she has not even been listed for surgery , and even if she is, then she will require a catheter, so minor and so safe compared to many other procedures. So why do I keep crying tonight ?

Skye is not in top form, shes starting a cold and even the tiny bit of walking she did today exhausted her. I know its just the cold thats done it, but of course I am thinking all sorts of stupid thoughts. Every time I run to the loo I pop in and check her , check her colour and her temp. Poor little bugger , shes not going to get much sleep if I don't pull myself together pretty quickly :(