Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well its been a few days or more since I last updated

Christmas is fast approaching and as usual we are broke even before we start shopping ! But we are managing pretty much ok by trawling ebay and car boot sales !! Amazing what you can find when you look. have been busy making presents for various friends and family members, as a cheapskate way of appraoching the event ! however thats come to a grinding halt tonight as have grazed my fingertips. It blooming hurts :( !!

Did it falling off the step and caught my hand on the wall , I blame the council myself. When we moved in here 12 years ago there was a wheelchair ramp to the front door, which was at its highest point 16 inches high. All fine , no prob with it, except now Skye has taken to falling off it, and as she bashed her mouth, the panic monster in me, got worried. so I asked the council to install railings either side. The inspector came , looked and grunted, but three weeks later I got a letter saying they were coming to fill in the holes on the path !! Men arrived ( 10 days late a new record for our council workmen lol) and knocked the whole bloody ramp out ! So now we have a step where before there was none. Muppet brain here keeps forgetting theres a step and has currently fallen off the fecking thing seven times !! Skyes fallen off it once and now refuses to walk out the door , and my mum fell off it today !! Ahhhhgggghhh why did they not just install bloody railings ?


Anonymous said...

Awww bless... of course, the step wouldn't be *quite* so bad if you were a tiny bit taller... Like, a couple of feet taller! hehe

Em's way said...

you saying I am a shortarse Daniel ;P

Anonymous said...

Well I would have hugged you when I met you - but I couldn't lean down that far. Tam wasn't much shorter than you!