Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gran's cottage

I was a little bored the other evening, and googled the name of my late grandmothers cottage. I struck lucky and found that its up fopr sale ( a mere £495,000 !!) I had many many happy hols at the cottage. Situated in the middle of the West Sussex Downs, with no near neighbours, it was a a perfect place for Gran to breed her dogs !! The holidays spent there gave my older brothers and I were able to enjoy the kind of life that we could have otherwise only read about in Enid Blyton books !! Well ok we didn't find robbers at every turn, but we had the freedom to roam, exploring the woods, making camps, skating on the pond in winter ( and if you were me, falling in !!) , fishing in the stream at the bottom of the garden ( and if you were me , falling in !!) There was a gorgeous old well in the garden, which was covered by planks of wood, to stop the dogs falling down it ( and yes no doubt to stop me falling in hehe ) . The garden was rather overgrown, but gave us all so much oppurtunity to play all kinds of games !!

Oh and not forgetting the resident ghost !!!

By the time Gran passed away in 2001 , Egdean was rather the worse for wear, Gran in all honestly had found it too much for her, and the cottage was in what one could call ' in need of renovation ' !! Well the estate that owned the cottage did indeed sell it, and the buyer has done some quite radical work. Whilst structurally theres no major change, other than the removing of the kitchen door , the installation of a door through to the utility room, and a fully fitted kitchen. The installation of a shower room in one of the bedrooms , and a downstairs loo, the most major change has really been the cleaning, painting, and replacing of carpets !! Not to mention, extensive landscaping of the gardens !!

Sadly I am yet to win the lottery and so its being sold to someone else !! If only I had a few million tucked away !

Heres some of the pics , filched from the estate agents details !!


Dan said...

Wow, very pretty... I'll take it!