Friday, April 20, 2007

Another day, another problem ...

Today I had my fears confirmed . About a year ago I mentioned to the paedatrician that I was concerned that Skye had one leg shorter than the other. He said she was fine. A few weeks ago I mentioned to my health visitor that I thought that there was something 'odd' about the way in which Skye walked and ran, almost as if she was unbalanced, added to the fact that she is forever falling over ! HV advised us to see the podiatrist. Well todday we saw her.

Skye has a leg length discrepancy of 2-3 cm :( I am gutted. I know that in the grand scheme of things this is nothing, but its just one more problem to add to what seems to be an evergrowing list of problems for poor little widgeywoo.

The podiatrist says she thinks that we should wait, see her again in 6 months but not treat the problem until she gets to SEVEN years old ! Sorry but FFS SEVEN !??? Wondered if I was being an over protective, pita mum, but having asked on a couple of boards the overwhelming answer is that Skye needs referring !

So Monday morning we will be off to the GP agaoin, and insisting on a referral to the orthapods asap. Wish us luck !