Friday, April 20, 2007

Stagecoach buses - one extreme to the other

Our local bus service is run by the infamous Stagecoach. The drivers of these buses are, well, errm, different !!

Some think they are Michal Schmacer and hurl the bus around sharp corners in a madman attempt to tip all the passengers out the window, some pootle along at ten miles an hour !!

this morning I headed off to town to take Skye for her appy( se below) . The bus driver was lovely, making sure I could get on ok, with the double buggy, and checking we had a seat and I was sat down before he pulled off. When we got off the response was the same, really nice, cahtty and helpful .

What a difference the homeward journey was. Got on, put my ticket in the reader, retreived it, went to sit down, bus driver decided to head off as fast as possible. Trying to manouvere a double buggy complete with two toddlers on a bus is not easy at the best of times. Trying to do that whilst the bus is bombing down a twisty road ... hmmm dangerous ???

As we approached the stop, I rang the bell, then stood up ready to manouvere the buggy off the bus, only to watch in dismay as the idiot bus driver went sailing past the stop !! I shouted, he skidded to a halt, I went flying again and banged my head on the bar. He stopped right on a shingle bank, with a road sign blocking part of the doorway. Oh what fun that was ........... NOT

To the twattish driver, karma is going to come and bite you on your arse mate. One day why don't you try it one day ? Go out on a bus with an idiot driving like you. Try moving a heavy double buggy whilst the bus is moving fast. try squeezing through a tiny gap and then push a heavily loaded double buggy across a steep shingle bank. Then tell me that I am annoyed fro no reason !!

To the nice driver. Thankyou, you are a star xxx Glad there are somne decent drivers about, wish there were more of you


justajob said...

Write two letters addressed to the Operations Manager of the local depot, The first saying what a nice driver the first guy was. The Operations Manager should tell this driver he has received a nice letter about him. The second letter should say what a complete nut the second driver was. The Operations Manager should get him in his office and explain that the company does not like letters like this and it would be a good career move if he, the driver, changed his ways. Letters of complaint are your only real defence against bad bus drivers. Remenber to include the day and time and fleet number, if you have the time to read it before the bus vanised into the distance.