Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tagging you all !!

Q1: If space was not an issue, what animal(s) would you most ike to own?

Horses, several of them, snakes, would love another milk snake they are truly beautiful creatures, lizards, another blue tongued skink, a couple of plated lizards too, plus a tokay gecko!, Dogs, well would have to have a Griffon, of course, plus I would love a rhodesian ridgeback, a Great dane and a Mastiff !! ooh yes and an Irish wolfhound !! I would also love a bird of prey, a peregrine falcon would be my first choice.

Q2 : What quality do you most admire in other people ?

Fairness, an abilty to see that there is always more than one side to a situation

Q3. What do you hate most in other people?

Selfishness and self centeredness, the type of person who believes the entire world revolves around them, and that nobody elses problems matter.

Q4. Name the first pub you ever had an alcoholic drink in ?

The Castle Inn, Midanbury Southampton

Q5. And the pub in which you had your first LEGAL alcoholic drink in ?

The Pear Tree, Bitterne , Southampton

Q6. What has been your favourite job ?

Unpaid, being a mum ! Paid, bouncer, it was a lovely job, which I enjoyed whilst I did it and miss it terribly now, although by the time I left I have to admit it was getting to me a bit !!

Q7. What is the household chore you enjoy most/detest least !?

Ironing, though I rarely do it as Gary also enjoys it hehe

Q8. What is the household chore you detest most/enjoy least ?

Cleaning the bathroom,I have three grown menfolk living in this house, need I say more :) !!

Q9. What would/should you be doing right now if you were not on the PC ?

Doing the washing, it's piling up and is in desperate need of being blatted through but this is much more fun !!!

Q10. Who do you tag now ?

Everyone who reads the blog, plus please leave a message so I can go read your answers !!


debbie said...

Hi Emma, just dropping a message, done my tag now