Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blowing My Own trumpet !!!

Not often I big myself up !!

Six months ago today I smoked my last ever cigarette. Since then I have had nothing nicotine related, no ciggies, patches, gum nada zilch and now I am declaring myself a NON smoker :D

I smoked for over twenty five years. I gave up because of one reason! I had signed up many years ago to become an organ donor. Last summer watching and seeing the incredible difference made to one little girls life by receiving a new heart, I suddenly felt guilty. What earthly good would my heart or lungs be to anyone if they were ckaed in tar and gunk? What sort of gift was that ?

So I did it, I gave up. Every time I felt a craving I looked at pictures and video footage of that special little girl Running and bouncing and playing and laughing. For the sake of people like her I gave up.

Now I just need to lose six stone in weight hehehehe


debbie said...

HI Emma,

Wow that is fantastic, ok so I am a non-smoker but I have seen friends give up and fail and some stop out right, and now they feel better in there health for doing so, but what you have done is a fantastic Acheivement Emma, and what great reasons for doing so too..Proud of you Emma

Nancy said...

Congratulations for giving up smoking! I have never smoked so I don't know first hand how hard it is but I have heard it's extremely hard. Congrats and keep it up!

I need to lose a bunch of weight too. I hate it when you brits use the measurement in stones... I'm not good at multiplying by 14 (14 lbs/stone, right?) But if I said how much I need to lose in stones then the number would be much less. I may have to consider using that measurement after all.

bev.pearson said...

Emma, I am so proud of you. You've also made me cry!

Bev xx