Monday, July 09, 2007

Musical Monday yet again!!

Bit of a story here,saturday night Gary and I went out to our next door neighbours 25th wedding anniversary party . Rosie and Graeme have lived next door the whole time I have been here, and they are a truly lovely couple (unlike the neighbour on the other side hehe)

Quite amusing , we got to the party venue, a hall/social club. We parked the wagon and saw a group of people outside a fire door smoking, so to save us the trip round to the front door we went in the fire door. It was rather dark in there, but several people smiled and said hello to us, we looked for Rosie or Graeme or anyone we knew, but it was that dark we could not see much lol. We made our way to the bar, bit puzzled as there was a disco and no sign of the live band ( Graeme's in a band and they were supposed to be playing !!) . Got to the bar, the only source of light in the whole room, I looked up at the bar, then at Gary and suggested we might actually be in the wrong place. Gary looked puzzled ' How do you know ?' Well the 'Happy 60th Birthday ' Balloons kinda gave me a hint !! Cue hasty exit from room and hunt for the right party !!

We found it eventually, only to find the three man band had become a duo as the lead singer was at that moment sat in the delivery suite of the local hospital with his labouring wife !!!

In the true spirit of the professionals, the show did go on though, and a darn fine job they did of it too !!

This is one of the songs they sang that night, a song I like and as it reminds me of my far and distant youth...

Happy Anniversary Rosie and Graeme, and heres to many more years of happy marriage

(BTW Baby finally arrived the following afternoon, a little girl :D)