Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trinny and Susannah cause religous offence

Absolutley diabolical what this pair have been up to !!! Basically they have gone to the Longman of Wilmington in Sussex and have DESECREATED it. the longman like many ancient sites in the UK is a sacred site to the Pagan commumity. Not only that the longman is currently supposed to be closed due to erosion, so what do Trinny and Susannah do ?? Do they show respect for Pagan beliefs ? Do they show respect for an ancient monument ?

Do they Heck

No they climb all over it. they get women dressed in paper bolier suits such as those worn by criminals on TV dramas to stand ON the longman to change its shape, add breast and pigtails ... Now lets be honest here, if they had gone into a christian church and swapped the image of christ on the cross with a naked stripper would they get away with it ? Err no course they wouldn't. Would they be permitted to enter a mosque and offer bacon butties ? No course they wouldn't.

But the Pagan community is expected to sit back and take this insult to our faith and beliefs. They are allowed to desecrate a sacred site ... for entertainment .

Makes me sick.

Anyway , a petition has been started and we hope that it will make the powers that be take notice and stop the broadcast of this appaling religous abuse and discrimination and the abuse and desecration of a site that is not only sacred but an ancient monument, a part of British history.

Please sign it and help halt this pair of idiots in their tracks