Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Skyes orthopaedic appointment

Apologies for copying and pasting between here and HL.

Well today we saw the orthopaedic consultant. It was not as I thought an adult orthopod, but a paed one!! he has a similar name to one of the adult orthopods, which is why dum dum here got coinfused ( I know its not hard to confuse me is it!!)

Skye has a 'significant' leg length discrepancy of 2-3 cm. The orthapaedic specialist we saw today has told me that the situation is not great, nor is it (as the prat of a paed tried telling me) something she will grow out of. By the time she has fully grown the discrepancy length will have doubled The positive news is that they can treat it, just not yet, due to the rate her bones her growing I think. When she gets a bit bigger then they can restrict the growth of her good leg, to allow her bad leg to catch up. If however the discrepancy gets too much bigger too quickly then it will mean major surgery

She is crashed out asleep, happy as a pig in poo having had her usual post hospital visit treat of chocolate !! I on the other hand have spent most of the evening hiding in the kitchen crying!! Think I need to take a life lesson from a three year old !!

Its good news really in that its treatable, but really wanted them to send me off with a flea in my ear for being an over protective mum and assurance that she was fine