Monday, October 08, 2007

My echo ........

will not be happening anytime soon by the looks of it. I saw GP on Sept 12th as reported below.. she referred me for an echo.. well its almost a month later and guess what ?? No appointment. Now knowing my local hospital is not exactly efficent, I thought it was their fault, so rang my GP this morning to find out if they knew when it was.

They have not yet sent of the fricking referral.

Apparently the secretary has been on holiday. For a whole MONTH ???

The receptionist told me to ring back on Friday as it should have been done by then. Great I could have a potentially fatal condition (if untreated) and I have to wait another 'king week to before they even send the 'king referral.

I am scared, been trying not to think about it too much but its always there in my head somewhere niggling away, all the what ifs ...

I am having pains just writing this, though to be fair thats probably because I am mega stressed now !!

Feel like saying that if I have any more pains and palps this week that I will call 999 and get it sorted that way.They might take notice then. Then again thats not fair on anyone who genuinely needs an ambulance is it. Still it makes you wonder doesn't it? How many of the 'false alarms' that the ambulance service are called to are results of GPs being crap???