Monday, November 19, 2007

Blargle bleughy rant

Apologies for copy and paste, am too knackered to write it all out again!

So far in the last few weeks alone poor Skye has had Bronchitis, coupled with an ear and a throat infection, closely followed by rotovirus and now what I thought was a bad cold has turned out to be slapped cheek syndrome What else is she going to get thrown her way this winter ? I knew that she would get bugs having started nursery but honestly this is getting ridiculous.

GP swears blind its normal for her age.. well how come she is the only one who has been home more than she has been at school then? How come Garin has not had anything (other than the rotovirus!) .

I am fed up of snot, sick, and poo. I am fed up of being stuck in the house because she is contagious and even if she wasn't its too darn cold to take her out anyway.....

Sorry know theres alot of people worse off than us, just totally fed up with her being ill, no sleep and constantly traipsing back and forth to the GP !!

On a similar line, am starting Skye on echinecea today, which is supposed to boost her immune system, plus an off to google recipies for immune boosting smoothies !! One way or the other we will beat these ruddy bugs !!!

One giggle moment of the day, whilst in the GPs waiting room, I noticed that Garin was wet, was very puzzled, as he had a clean nappy on just as we went out the door. Little so and so had undone his nappy and shoved it down one leg of his trousers, then had an almighty wee.... which went everywhere except down the leg containing the nappy ... Trying to keep an innocent look on my face as I retreived my errant offspring and reunited him with his nappy, was really not easy

Sorry thanks if you got this far for reading my trivial rant !!


Posh Totty said...

You poor thing (or sosij as you would say lol) you must be knackered. I hope Skye is better soon and manages to stay bug free for a while.

The echinecea (sp?) is good stuff, Iv had my lil man on it in the past and it did seem to give him a boost, he deffo got ill a lot less than he was before and when he did get ill, he was over it much quicker. Id deffo use it again if we felt the need to.

anyway my quick message to you is now turning into a waffle so I will disapear and leave you in peace ;o)

Loads a love *Mwah!!*