Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reopening for business !!

Thgis blog is no longer private, so you no longer need to sign in to read it yay I hear some of you cry lol!

I have deleted some bits that I do not want made public, edited a few things etc etc .

Now as there are going to be people reading this now that have not been able to for a looooong time ( three months or more eeek) I want to lay down a few ground rules about my blog.

This is MY blog. Its MY place to rant, whinge, laugh and joke.. it is not about ANYONE else bar me and mine. If I want to have a rant about other websites, I will do so. Don't like it ? Don't read !! I will not mention the other sites by name, so please do not whinge to me if you happen to recognise the site I am whinging about and do not agree with my views. Please remember too, that I read alot of websites reguarly. Many daily, a very wide range of sites and guess what, sometimes I see something that pisses me off, and sometimes it happens on more than one site, so just because I whinge about something, does not necessarily mean I am whinging about the website you come from !! I have taken legal advice about this subject and as long as I do not name the site(s) concerned I am breaking no laws. You are free to get a blog of your own and whinge about my blog if you want to ;). We live in a democracy and if I want to put my point of view down here then sorry but nobody has the right to tell me off for that. I will break no laws, defame no individuals, but I will give my opinion and my thoughts. I will not be dictated to on my own space. Clear ? Good !!!!!

If for any reason you do not agree with anything I have written then email me and ask me about it, please do not run off to someone else complaining about me, especialy when that person has no connection to this blog. What happens on here is not the business of ANY other individual except ME !!

If you want to shit stir then sod off and find somewhere else to do it. You are NOT welcome to do so here.

Oh and one final point, yes I am ill, my daughters ill, and theres a thousand and one other things that go wrong in my life but that doesn't mean you need to fawn over me! I do not want nor need false sympathy, fawning or creeping messages. I am not here as a source for anybody to feed off of any misery in my life. To do that is IMO, just sick and creepy and will win no friends around here. I can be a damn good friend and am always there for anyone who needs me. BUT if you lie and bitch about me behind my back, be sure I WILL find out and you will get short shrift from me.

Lastly I reserve the right to revert to private viewing at any time that I feel like it.

As well as the crappy bits, theres a hell of a lot of fantastic stuff in my life too. So don't be a misery, come and enjoy the good stuff.

Right now we have that clear, lets get back to having fun eh ?


Posh Totty said...

Welcome back to public life ;o)

Dan said...

Ooooh rules and regulations. I fell asleep at the first line! hehe

And I never had to log in to view it ;)

Em's way said...

Watch it English, you think you are having a bad day... then you meet a woman with PMT :P

Dan said...

pfft PMT... an excuse for lounging with a hot water bottle and chocolate... I fear NO woman...

Em's way said...

You should be afraid Dan, very afraid hehe . If I was not such a crock and could get to yours there would be a knocking on your dor at midnight buuhaaahhaaaa

Anyway for the record the rules are not for you, or anyone else who had access whilst the blog was private, but for those who are now seeing it for the first time in a while lol!

The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Well said to all parts of this latest blog entry!