Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Butt out!

Grrrrr I am not a happy bunny today, apparently, according to my sources ;, I am in the sh1t at work... again !

The reason?Have I been stealing? NO Have I been skiving off when on duty ?? NO. Have I been breaking any laws, rules etc ? NO

My 'crime' ? Giving a colleague a lift to the bus stop every night. The colleague in question is a young lady, and to get to her bus stop she has to walk through a park, in the dark. its not terribly well lit through there, and is a favourite hang out of various local gangs of kids. Gary picks me up every night, we drive aorund the park by the roads, and emerge close to this young ladies bus stop. So we drop her off. It means a diversion of a few hundred yards, takes less than a minute to do, and makes sure she gets to the bus stop safely. 'Apparently' we shouldn't do this. She should apparently, be getting one of her family to come all the way out, to meet her and walk her through the park ? WTF ?? How bleddy stupid is that? It doesn't inconvenience us, it takes a minute and it helps out a colleague. It helps ensure a young woman is safe. It doesn't involve any other bugger, so FGS leave it will you? I am not going to stop giving her a lift, she has never asked for a lift, we offered.

We are going to do something nice for someone else and nobody is going to stop us grrrrr


Posh Totty said...

OMG I can not believe you are in trouble because of this, thats madness.

Its no one business but yours.

Dan said...

clearly the rum0urs about you have reached far and wide...

Posh Totty said...

Yeah rumours have a habit of doing that ;o)

Phoenix said...

OH my God - your doing the right thing hunny - If she was attacked then they would say why on earth she was there in the first place.