Friday, November 30, 2007

Work .... any advice ?

I have just about had a stomach full of the shitehole where I work. I am getting the feeling that I am being pushed until I resign. Maybe just being paranoid and its simply a case that they really are a bunch of tossers !!

For the third month running they have fecked up my wages. Month one they forgot to put my payment details through so did not get paid at all, last month despite being told that I do not pay tax, they took almost £100 in tax, this month it appears that for reasons best known to themselves they have only paid me £60!!

I am so stressed, have been having horrendous chest pains all morning, know its because of the stress but its also because of the ARVC if you see what I mean, Well the stress is aggravating the ARVC is what I mean !

I feel like phoning in sick today, then Monday go see the GP and get signed off sick for a few weks, sod it , why not screw them like they have screwed me ?


ANy advice ?


Posh Totty said...

Deffo go docs and get signed off sick, the stress is not doing you any good and its a stress you can do with out, especially in your condition and I am sure your gp will understand that too.

Your company wont be happy about your being signed off sick, but there is fk all that can do about it ;o)

Phoenix said...

I agree sweetie - stress is not worth it at all!

Dan said...

Raid the stationary cupboard first. I'm running low on bic pens.